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  • n. - The usual condition or state of a person or thing, either natural or acquired, regarded as something had, possessed, and firmly retained; as, a religious habit; his habit is morose; elms have a spreading habit; esp., physical temperament or constitution; as, a full habit of body.
  • n. - The general appearance and manner of life of a living organism.
  • n. - Fixed or established custom; ordinary course of conduct; practice; usage; hence, prominently, the involuntary tendency or aptitude to perform certain actions which is acquired by their frequent repetition; as, habit is second nature; also, peculiar ways of acting; characteristic forms of behavior.
  • n. - Outward appearance; attire; dress; hence, a garment; esp., a closely fitting garment or dress worn by ladies; as, a riding habit.
  • n. - To inhabit.
  • n. - To dress; to clothe; to array.

Syllable Information

The word HABIT is a 5 letter word that has 2 syllable. The syllable division for HABIT is: hab-it

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