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  • v. t. - To fall or rush upon suddenly and lay hold of; to gripe or grasp suddenly; to reach and grasp.
  • v. t. - To take possession of by force.
  • v. t. - To invade suddenly; to take sudden hold of; to come upon suddenly; as, a fever seizes a patient.
  • v. t. - To take possession of by virtue of a warrant or other legal authority; as, the sheriff seized the debtor's goods.
  • v. t. - To fasten; to fix.
  • v. t. - To grap with the mind; to comprehend fully and distinctly; as, to seize an idea.

Syllable Information

The word SEIZE is a 5 letter word that has 1 syllable. The syllable division for SEIZE is: seize

Anagrams of EEZSI


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