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  • v. t. - To seem or appear; -- used chiefly in the expressions methinketh or methinks, and methought.
  • v. t. - To employ any of the intellectual powers except that of simple perception through the senses; to exercise the higher intellectual faculties.
  • v. t. - To call anything to mind; to remember; as, I would have sent the books, but I did not think of it.
  • v. t. - To reflect upon any subject; to muse; to meditate; to ponder; to consider; to deliberate.
  • v. t. - To form an opinion by reasoning; to judge; to conclude; to believe; as, I think it will rain to-morrow.
  • v. t. - To purpose; to intend; to design; to mean.

Syllable Information

The word THINK is a 5 letter word that has 1 syllable. The syllable division for THINK is: think

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